Les Muñoz     |     Art Director
Les Muñoz | Art Director


About Me


Phone: 973.570.2858
E-mail: me@lesmunoz.com


Les Munoz is an Art Director with 17 years of expertise in branding, video production, digital and print design. He has a demonstrated history of overseeing complex multi-media projects from concept to completion. Les is skilled in business strategy, new business development, portfolio management, team management, and quality control.

Les is as passionate about excellent design as he is about being an effective team leader, and he is praised for his positivity and ability to make space for team members to actively engage in the creative process. Whether through video, photography, artwork, or design, he seeks to expand creative boundaries and amplify his clients vision and brand.

What you can expect

You can expect Les Muñoz to consistently be recognized for exceeding client expectations. Les has no problem meeting time sensitive deadlines, and completing projects within budget. He prides himself by knowing that no matter how big the role gets, he’s not afraid to learn, roll up his sleeves, and raise the bar. He believes in highly-collaborative and energetic environments that revolve around hard work and happiness. He has confidence in tackling obstacles head on through open constructive communication in order to foster growth and team building. He continues to look for ways to advance his knowledge and expertise. Les is always seeking to create and produce relevant and breath-taking content that can benefit his team, his clients, and the companies he works with.


Art Direction, Logo Design, Production Design, Print Pre-prep, Illustration, Typography, Cinematography, Photography, Lighting Techniques, Color Theory, Grid Layout Principles & Techniques, Marketing Strategies & Branding, Content Strategy, Social Media Expertise, Basic Audio Engineering, as well as a strong interest in new & experimental mediums.


"I'm fortunate to have worked with Les for many years, and marvel at his aptitude for learning and application. Any task put before him was met with an enthusiasm to learn, and an intuitive ability to finish strong. Seeing how quickly his style and knowledge progressed, I had no fear that he would go far. And he has proven me right. From his work on the Step-Up Program, to his PNY re-branding work, he's become one that I look to, regularly, as a source for my creative motivation."
– Jason Vita, Creative Director, TINBOX Solutions, Los Angeles, CA

"Les is phenomenal with his sense of design and ability to brand. Les has the art of foreseeing trends in design and mass media. This skill set is one that is highly valued by his clients and friends with whom he's done designs for. In addition, his collaborative nature and ease to work with are admired by those in his peer group."
– Anoop George, Senior Consulting Manager, Ernst & Young, New York City, NY

"Les created my Logo for my start up company. He was able to understand my vision and design aesthetic to create a logo that not only represented me but also captured my clientele. It was brilliantly designed. Les' hard work on my logo revealed to me how passionate he is about his career and his designs. He is currently helping me with some marketing for my website, business cards, and social media. I know he will give me nothing less than amazing work."
– Hali Epstein, Owner & Interior Designer, HJE Interiors, New York City, NY

"Les is a very personable designer and it's always a pleasure working with him. He takes every design idea and transforms them in away only a great artist could imagine. He is very sensible and honest about his opinions, but also conducts his business very professionally and will tell you whether or not the idea will work. The results of every project have been phenomenal as he is an extremely passionate designer and his work is evident of that."
– Marc Dalangin, Project Manager, US Army, Wharton, NJ

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